plumbing video inspection

Several years ago, getting a visual inspection of your sewers, septic system, or other plumbing features was a tedious and complicated process. Now you can get an accurate septic tank inspection or location of any plumbing component with the help of GDM video line sewer scope inspection services.

We use modern fiber optic cable for a detailed image that is performed by NASSCO-certified inspectors who can make informed and in-depth analysis and diagnosis of any line problems and conditions on the spot.

You can use GDM’s septic tank inspection services for several applications including:

  • Determine the condition of the drain lines and pipes, identifying broken or collapsed pipes or pipe corrosion as well as substandard or outdated piping
  • Check for misalignment due to shifting soil or frozen ground
  • Identify blockages, including FOG (fat, oil, grease) blockages or tree roots
  • Recognize a bellied or sunken pipe that could collect debris
  • Pinpoint any damaging root infiltration
  • Locate repair points for excavation crews

We pride ourselves on both our superior sewer scope inspection services and excellent customer service. GDM handles anything that involves sewer, septic, or other wastewater treatment, maintenance, and repair so you can use our services across the board for inspection, repair, and service.

We’ve inspected the pipes of our neighbors and the drains of whole communities and facilities so if you need video line inspection services on your sewer, septic, or other infrastructures call us today to connect with a technician right in our Colorado Springs office.