Sewer cleaning can be a dirty job, but it is one that is necessary. If sewers are not kept clean, the pipes in houses and businesses will back up and you will have a big mess on your hands!

drain cleanerLocally owned and operated with over 40 years of experience, Watson Rooter specializes in residential and commercial drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, and septic tank cleaning… or said another way, cleaning for virtually any drain you can imagine!

Your sink, toilet, tub and shower all drain into the same location. If you are having problems with more than one of your plumbing fixtures at the same time, you may be experiencing a line blockage that will require sewer cleaning in your main drain line.

A drain line runs from a home to a home’s septic or sewer system. A blockage in the drain line can cause slow drainage at all of the home’s plumbing fixtures, such as the toilets and the garbage disposal. When there is a problem with the drain line, the most dramatic blockage will be seen in the toilet because toilets send a large and sudden discharge volume of water and waste to the sewer or septic line.

Sometimes locating the source of your sewer line blockage is easy – at other times, it is not so obvious. We use state-of-the-art technology for all of our locating and cleaning needs.

If you constantly battle slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs, instead of relying on traditional drain line troubleshooting methods, Watson Rooter can now use video inspection as one means to accurately pinpoint the cause of the blockage or problem.

This advanced diagnostic technology allows our sewer cleaning specialists to see where a clog exists in a sewer line and other piping to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe. At Watson Rooter, we use a fiber optic camera with a flexible rod on its tip which is inserted into the pipe for inspection. Video images are then transmitted and can be saved onto a videotape for a permanent record. Radio transmitters on the camera record the depth and physical location from the surface so that defects and obstructions can be corrected cost effectively.