grease trap cleaning near me

GDM has been cleaning the FOG (fats, oils greases) along Colorado’s Front Range for 40 years.

If you have grease, no matter how much, we can remove it from your pipes thoroughly and efficiently. GDM provides grease trap services for hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, dining facilities in retirement homes, schools, military facilities, state agencies, corporate dining facilities and more.

Most venues with grease traps don’t have the time or the equipment to maintain their grease trap. GDM Environmental is devoted to our customers and will give the same time and energy to our neighborhood customers that we do to our corporate clients. We have the equipment that can handle large or small systems.

We handle anything dealing with grease traps, interceptors, and their associated plumbing. This includes:

  • Complete grease trap cleaning and maintenance services
  • Pumping of in-floor traps and underground traps
  • High-pressure jetting of service lines
  • Grease disposal at our safe, CDPHE permitted disposal site
  • A regular preventive maintenance schedule for your individual needs

Grease traps need to be emptied each time they are serviced. Partial pumps lead to problems down the line. Let GDM remove your grease and leave your trap in pristine condition with excellent customer service. If you need your grease traps serviced by local experts, give us a call today. You won’t be connected to a national grease trap call center – you’ll be connected to a neighbor.