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If you need a lift system service please call Williams Septic Service  •  719-495-4221

Lift Station Services

Lift Stations, or Pump Stations as they are more generally known outside the USA, are used to "lift" liquid uphill - against gravity. Williams Septic Service has been pumping both sewage lift systems and water lift systems for more than 40 years.

We specialize in pumping and cleaning all lift stations including wet well, and valve vaults and we work with multiple companies specializing in repair or replacement if required.

What is a Lift Station?
Lift stations contain pumps, valves, and electrical equipment necessary to move liquids (usually water, wastewater, or sewage) from low to high elevation. They may be used to overcome inadequate head, to provide easy-to-install pumping solutions, or to provide economic alternatives to other pumping options. For example, wastewater may be transported by elevating it first (using a lift station) and letting it flow through a system by gravity. This may be more economical than installing pumps to move the fluid in the system itself.

Corrosion Protection
Lift stations, especially those for sewage and wastewater, are installed in difficult operating environments. Both inside and outside are constantly subject to corrosion. Proper maintenance is required to maintain and protect the steel surfaces of these stations. In particular, grease and odors can result in major problems in an isolated, unmaintained lift station.

Odors - Lift stations can experience significant odors. In addition to concerns for sewer personnel exposed to accumulated gases, sewer gases left to accumulate in air-tight environments can create additional toxic gases and underground potential for explosion, stagnation, and dead space in lines. Aeration is an option to reduce odor. Many odors accumulate because of oxygen-deficient environments. The cost to retrofit old sewer systems (lines and stations) can be astronomical for a municipality.

Grease - Fats, oil and grease - - also called FOG in the wastewater business - - can have a negative impact on wastewater collection and treatment systems. Most wastewater collection system blockages can be traced to FOG. Blockages in the wastewater collection system are serious, causing sewage spills, manhole overflows, or sewage backups in homes and businesses.

If you need a lift system service please call Williams Septic Service  •  719-495-4221


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