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If you need drain cleaning services, call Watson-Rooter   •  719-527-9421

Drain Cleaning

If you own a restaurant, having a clogged garbage disposal can bring your business to a halt. Or if you're a homeowner, a clogged toilet may start out as a simple problem, and escalate into a full blown flood, causing major damage to your floors and ceilings. Response time is essential.

Whether you have a residential or commercial clogged drain, a clogged drain in your sewer or septic line, let the drain cleaning experts at Watson Rooter take care of your drainage problems - fast.

Unfortunately, all plumbing systems develop clogs - there's simply no way to avoid it. Many people try and clear the clog themselves, but harsh chemicals such as Drano can damage your pipes permanently.

At Watson Rooter, we can help you with your clogged toilets, clogged garbage disposals, clogged sinks, clogged sewers and any other type of clogged drain that needs to be opened up. There are many reasons that drains become clogged and need repair. Hair can buildup in a drain, grease can buildup, rings, small toys or any object that goes down the drain by accident can cause a clog.

Snaking a Drain

In most homes, drain clogs will be removed by snaking the drain using a rooter machine. This is essentially a long cable with a blade that turns and cuts the blockages away. The power rooter is fed through the pipe to the area where the clog is. The rooter powers through the blockage removing tree roots, grease, hair, etc. This type of drain service may be accomplished quickly and easily depending on the cause of the clog and the condition of the drain pipes in the plumbing system.

We'll Help Your Drains Flow Freely!

Kitchens are extremely susceptible to clogs - think of the volume of peels, grease and meats that go down your drain every day, creating a buildup in your pipes and ultimately a clog. Think of your showers or bath tubs that clog due to soaps, oils, lotions, hair, and other items going down the drain each day. No matter what type of drain is clogged, the drain cleaning specialists at Watson Rooter can fix them all!

At Watson Rooter, we provide the following sewer and drain services:

•  Unclog drains
•  Unclog garbage disposals
•  Unclog showers
•  Unclog toilets
•  Unclog sinks
•  Unclog tubs
•  Unclog kitchen drains
•  Unclog sewer Lines
•  Septic lines
•  All Rooter service
•  Hydrojetting service

At Watson Rooter, all of our vans are equipped with five different cable machines to handle any size line, and get your drains cleared and running again in no time. Our experience, skill and knowledge range from bathroom sink clogs to main sewer line blockages.

Our state-of-the art CCTV and Line equipment will allow us to pinpoint the problem and solve it completely. Because we respect the environment, we never use harsh toxic chemicals.

Here's what you can expect from Watson Rooter:

•  Fair, honest pricing
•  24/7 emergency services
•  State-of-the-art equipment
•  Service scheduled at times convenient for you
•  Professional technicians

Sewer and drain lines can be are messy. But drain line repair and sewer cleaning doesn't have to be.

If you have a drain that is clogged in your home or commercial building, please contact Watson Rooter today at 719-527-9421. We'll have your clogged drain fixed in no time!

Watson Rooter provides drain cleaning services in: Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Tri-Lakes, Pueblo and virtually the whole Pikes Peak Region!

If you need drain cleaning services, call Watson-Rooter   •  719-527-9421


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