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If you need sand trap cleaning services, call Reliable Sanitation  •  719-527-9484

Sand Trap Services

Many commercial and industrial businesses have grease traps and/or sand traps that require pumping and disposal of mud, sand, water, and oils. At Reliable Sanitation in Colorado Springs, we provide pumping services throughout the Pikes Peak Region using our elite fleet of trucks.

At Reliable Sanitation, we provide the following sand trap services:

•  Pumping of sand traps and troughs in car washes, parking garages, and residential garages
•  Professional vacuum and high-pressure jetting equipment to thoroughly clean traps
•  Safe, legal disposal. Sand sampling and testing is required prior to pumping
•  High-pressure sand trap inlet and outlet line cleaning
•  Valve box pumping and cleaning for municipalities
•  Regular preventative maintenance contracts available

At Reliable Sanitation, we perform sand trap cleaning for the following types of businesses:

•  Car washes
•  Car and truck dealerships
•  Service shops
•  Parking garages
•  Government institutions

The Right Equipment, The Right People
Reliable Sanitation can dependably and professionally vacuum pump and haul the liquid waste and sludge from sand traps, catch basins and other liquid waste receptacles such as car wash sumps and valve boxes. We have the fleet of pumping equipment and trained pumping specialists to do the job right. We can set you up on a time and money-saving preventative maintenance schedule, or we can perform the work on a per-time basis when you call. Either way, you get the top-quality service from a pumping company that has been servicing the Pikes Peak Region for more than 40 years.

Our state-of-the-art vacuum trucks are built to handle Colorado's altitude and the large volume of waste streams we pump. We believe in having the best equipment for the job. This benefits our customers by enabling us to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Our trucks have blowers that develop 3,500 CFM of suction. This provides massive power to move sand, water and debris at an extremely high rate of efficiency.

Routine pumping schedules are key to efficient operation of any liquid waste system. Hydrojetting removes build up and contaminants from the sand trap both to and from the sand trap/interceptor.

We are your environmentally friendly choice, making sure the waste is properly collected at a permitted processing facility that re-uses the byproducts.

Additionally, we can assure you that all grease, water waste and solids will be collected and transported according to federal and state requirements.

If you need sand trap cleaning services, call Reliable Sanitation  •  719-527-9484


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