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If you need hydro excavating services, call Reliable Sanitation  •  719-527-9484

Hydro Excavation

With the increasing demand for nondestructive excavation, Reliable Sanitation is proud to provide the latest in hydro excavation technology. This method of earth and debris removal is perhaps one of the safest, dust free and efficient means of excavation.

The Right People, The Right Equipment
Precise and selective excavation is achieved through the use of high pressure hydro-jet streams carefully calculated to the appropriate water volume and PSI to safely remove material without causing unwanted damage to any adjacent infrastructure. Hydro excavation is the perfect service whether you are exposing utilities, pipeline services, slot trenching, debris removal and cleanouts, piling holes, culverts, drainage ditches, cathodic protection, interior facility site work, special drilling applications and pot holing services.

All of our experienced workers are schooled in avoiding the hazards of working around buried live electricity, and they put safety first!

Reliable Sanitation's hydro-excavation services include:

•  Large modern fleet
•  Increased productivity
•  Reach places where excavating machines just won't fit
•  Proper Disposal
•  Remote locations
•  Experienced operators
•  Larger capacities

Reliable Sanitation provides hydro-excavating services for the following types of businesses:

•  Pipelines
•  Plants and Refineries
•  Storage Tanks
•  Electrical Utilities
•  Municipal Utilities
•  Commercial Construction
•  Public Works
•  Road Construction

The benefits of hydro-excavation include:

•  Safe
•  Non destructive
•  Self-contained
•  Reduces risk of injuries & minimizes worker insurer claims
•  Ten times faster than hand digging
•  Closed loop system
•  Unmatched precision
•  Cost effective
•  Go where traditional excavations can't
•  No sparks or fumes

Reliable has performed services state wide on large scale operations and also small scale operations. Our customers include contractors, municipalities, utility companies and industrial facilities.

If you need hydro excavating services, call Reliable Sanitation  •  719-527-9484


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