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If you need industrial vacuuming services, call Pikes Peak Sanitation / RPM  •  719-527-9422

Industrial Vac Services

Pikes Peak Sanitation is no newcomer to the military and government arenas - for more than 40 years, we have been providing pumping, cleaning, inspection and removal services through our state-of-the-art industrial vacuum trucks. And because of the size of our trucks, we can move very large volumes of material over long distances in a shorter period of time, thus saving you time and reducing your costs.

Our versatility enables us to handle a wide variety of materials. Whether you are looking to move dirt, grease, sand, oil, sludge or pulp, Pikes Peak Sanitation can handle your needs - no matter how large or small!

Our fleet of industrial vacuum trucks can clean wet or dry debris form sewers, manholes, factories or other commercial, municipal and industrial work sites. They can also be used in combination with high-powered hydrojetter equipment to clear large diameter pipes clogged with soft debris like sand or dirt. The Jetter breaks up the debris while the vacuum catches it leaving a clean pipe without washing the debris further down the line.

Pikes Peak Sanitation can provide the following industrial vacuum services:

•  Grease trap cleaning
•  Septic tank cleaning
•  Sand & gravel removal
•  Drilling mud removal
•  Sludge removal
•  Sewer line cleaning
•  Above and underground tank cleaning
•  Waste water cleaning

If you need industrial vacuuming services, call Pikes Peak Sanitation / RPM  •  719-527-9422


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