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If you need grease trap cleaning or sand trap services, call: 719-527-9422

Grease Trap Services

Wherever there's food, there's bound to be grease! That's why state and government agencies have come to rely on Pikes Peak Sanitation to clean out grease traps in addition to disposing of the waste. The highly trained technicians at Pikes Peak Sanitation will inspect your systems, check for warning signs, and suggest appropriate service frequencies & maintenance plans to help keep your grease system running smoothly. No business should have to deal with a back-up, be shut down, or lose customers because of a sewer back up, grease overflow or drain issue.

Our vacuum trucks have high pressure hotsy units on board designed to power wash, with 3000psi hot or cold, your grease trap/interceptor.

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap, or grease interceptor, is a plumbing feature designed to prevent grease and other solid materials from entering a sanitary sewer. If grease enters the sewers, it will congeal, forming a solid mass. These solid masses cause backups, clogs and burst pipes. Grease traps are usually used in restaurants and other facilities where a lot of grease is used, and gets flushed down the drain. By law, all commercial kitchen areas in the United States must have grease traps installed to collect the grease before it enters the waste management system.

Pikes Peak Sanitation provides the following grease trap services:

•  Pumping of in-floor traps and large underground traps
•  Periodic pumping aids in the free flow of all commercial sewer lines
•  High-pressure jetting of inlet and outlet lines enables grease traps to work properly and at full capacity
•  Grease disposal at a safe, approved disposal site
•  Regular preventive maintenance contracts available

Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease traps do a dirty job and should be properly maintained. Servicing grease traps and interceptors the right way can eliminate clogging and over flowing of FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease, and Solids). Regularly pumping your grease trap can prevent solids, grease, fats, and oils from contaminating your outbound lines and building up to a costly problem!

While some companies only skim the top of the grease interceptors / traps leaving all the solids behind, Pikes Peak Sanitation will completely pump from top to bottom leaving your interceptor / trap completely empty!

Do you have an interior or exterior grease tank? No problem! Pikes Peak Sanitation will provide grease trap cleaning and legally dispose of the waste. At every service, our technicians will check the inlet and outlet pipes, measure the grease thickness, suggest service frequency, and will document this information for you on our work order. Proper frequency of service is a must. Outside grease tanks are usually quite large and if not serviced properly, the tanks can have grease build up that becomes hardened. This can cause back-ups or overflows outside the building and draining issues on the inside as well.

Pikes Peak Sanitation provides the following grease trap services:

•  Grease trap cleaning
•  Grease trap maintenance
•  Grease disposal
•  Hydrojetting

At Pikes Peak Sanitation, we can assure you that all grease, water waste and solids will be collected and transported according to federal and state requirements.

If you need grease trap cleaning or sand trap services, please contact Pikes Peak Sanitation today at 719-527-9422. We'll have your grease trap cleaned in no time!

If you need grease trap cleaning or sand trap services, call: 719-527-9422


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